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Working with Yasmin Naqvi

I was approached to be the stylist for the next campaign of the Genderless collection for Yasmin Naqvi, and it was impossible for me to say no after I fell in love with their Puimino.

The team I worked with was very small, just Beatriz Martinez, by whom I was contacted, the two models and myself. We first sat down for coffee to got briefed, and quickly got to work. The team was lovely, relaxed and cooperative, it was a pleasure to work with everyone, particularly with Bea. This experience was new to me, as we were such a small team my role of stylist morphed into make up artist and photographer. However, the situation remained manageable as Bea kept communication open and clear, and I don’t have to worry about outfit changes.

We were tasked with picturing the clothing in an urban, Gotham City like, environment, therefore we chose to take the shots in brick lane where the many subcultures merge with local urban culture in the form of graffiti. The day was perfect, it had just finished pouring but during at the time we were outside for not a single drop. The streets were filled will puddles perfect to reflect the light, and the sky was gloomy but still full of light. The day wasn’t too cold, and we managed to stick to our time table.

Overall I consider this shoot not only as a success, but also as one of my most important formative experiences. Whenever I’m on set I always go around and like to assist both the photographers and the make up artists who are with me, so that I help prevent problems but particularly so I can learn by doing. This habit proved very helpful in this instance, however, assisting is much different than doing. Knowing how things should look like helped me correct my mistakes as I was working and create a new pool of knowledge that has proved useful to me in many shoots after.

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