• Carla Casati Rollieri

Working with Marie Schurmann

This was my first time working with an influencer and it was a roller-coaster. Marie is a conscious living influencer who lives in Germany, which thanks to some friends I got to meet when she came to London. We got along great and discovered that he had a loth of things in common starting with our dedication to sustainability. It was really lovely to get to talk with somebody about what the issues are within the industry, and we can do about them.

One of the things that we talked about was how that many times the word sustainable is correlated with a basic plain white shirt that says 100% organic cotton; boring. With both of us striving to live a sustainable life we knew that this could not be further than the truth and decided to shed some light on the topic by being part of the conversation creating editorial pictures that featured novel sustainable pieces. I set out to find items that could both be used on a day-to-day or be styled up for special occasions.

Working with Marie was easy, we both knew what we wanted and were able to keep each other in the loop thought the entire process. We worked together to find the most suitable models and scouted areas to shoot until we found The Barbican Center. One of the most representative buildings of London filled with refined yet simple architecture, that will distract the attention from the clothes.

This was the most complex shoot that I have had to handle until now, everything from clothing to location depended on us. With time running short and many things to take care of the day started a bit chaotic, but fortunately, Marie and I worked very well together under pressure and quickly got started. I took care of makeup, while she waited for the final pieces to arrive and started setting her camera. I forgot my pins at home and during the shoots, the clothing kept getting out of place, one of the models had to leave early, and outfit changes took longer than expected so we finished late; but overall the shoot went very well. Everybody that participated had a lot of fun, and we were able to bring our idea to life. For me it was a great opportunity to meet wonderful new people, practice creating a full shoot myself, create a team and put in practice my newly acquired makeup skills. For the future, I must remember to create a timetable so I can keep myself on schedule and remember to bring pins!

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