• Carla Casati Rollieri

Working with Fashion Scout SS20 LFW

Fashion Week with Fashion Scout was an incredible experience filled with vibrant colors, cutting-edge designs, and a wonderful team of girls to share the experience with. Being my first time working behind the scenes in LFW, I was looking forward to being backstage as an assistant dresser, however, since I had a broken arm I was able to offer more working in front of house; and I couldn’t be happier on how it turned out.

Our team lead by Isabella and Shannon was in charge of public relations; taking care of greeting guests, seating arrangements, goodie bags, setting up and cleaning up. We got briefed on how the event should work as a whole, and each got assigned individual roles. The group was small and we quickly grew close and learned to help without getting in each other's way. Not only making it possible to mage even the quickest changes between shows without any stress, but also giving us extra time to walk around, enjoy the shows and get to know all the people that make these events possible.

We all helped with picking up after each show and prepping the goodie bags and seating arrangements pertinent to each show, I then helped guard the front row seats for the sponsors, that all the influencers were ready to fight for. This allowed us to witness the incredible outfits that the guests were wearing, just before we took a step back and admired the creations that the models we're bringing to life on the catwalk. For three days we worked at least seven shows a day and my eyes feasted on the beautiful creations the designers were showcasing. I felt particularly lucky to be able to see new and upcoming designers such as The Swedish School of Textiles, and FJU Talents and how they bring a new conscious and fresh outlook on fashion.

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