• Carla Casati Rollieri

Why Have Personal Style

Let's begin by differentiating fashion from style. Fashion is collective, it reflects the current trends and seasons of the fashion calendar. Style is individual; a means of self-expression that reflects the interests and personality of the wearer. Always having the latest item off the runway will make you very fashionable, however, it won't show much except that you have the means to get those clothes. Creating and curating your own sense of style is an intrinsic discovery process that comes from an understanding of who we are, and can be built over time. Style stems from the confidence of accepting our body and personality and purposefully enhancing our attributes so that the rest of the world can also appreciate who we are. Your style remains in time, it is the expression of your individuality, your way of life, your tastes, and your personality; on the other hand, fashion lasts 6 months, changes every season, and is subject to the elite who run it.

Going shopping every season and buying the ‘hottest’ pieces is not developing a style, it is following fashion and hiding behind it by blending in with the masses. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping, but this is not the way to do it if you are interested in developing a personal style. We have already established that a curated style is a reflection of our personality so before we hit the store we must ask ourselves who are you? and what do you want to convey?

Personal style arises from knowing who you are, where you are, and where you want to go; it is a mix of your lifestyle, your tastes, and your knowledge. it is important to remember that style is not just limited to clothes but also art, musical and literary movements, and you should be taking inspiration for your fashion style from other realms of expression; as it will add a layer of interest and uniqueness to your final outfit.

We would be surprised at the number of people who get carried away by life, who buy the first thing they find or what is on offer, without coherence, without stopping to think, do I really like this? Is this consistent with me and with my life? Do I look good? Can I make an outfit that I like and will wear or is it just a pretty shirt that will hang in my closet with the tag on for the rest of time?

When we know what we like and what is useful for us, we are more efficient when buying, because everything will revolve around the same axis, we maximize our investments in clothes, and all the items in our closet can be combined. This is a more sustainable way of living, not just because we end up throwing out fewer clothes but because when we are sure that we will wear something we can invest in a higher quality garment that can stay with us for years; ultimately being cheaper than having to find and buy a fast-fashion alternative over and over again.

Having style is not having to be elegant or feminine, they are totally different concepts. The conservative, preppy or romantic style has a lot of elegance and femininity which in this case they are compatible. However, when we talk about someone who is punk or rocker, we are not talking about someone elegant, but someone who has a lot of edge. There is a lot of fabric to cut in this theme and many styles to explore, the important thing is to find which one is yours and develop it.

Your style is your brand, it's that simple and it's a way to be remembered, to leave your mark. In real life, having a dress style consistent with your personality, tastes and lifestyle can help you advance at work, get the project you want so much, find a partner but most importantly it allows you to feel good about yourself; and gives you the confidence you need to take on your daily tasks with an attitude that sets you apart from the rest of the world.

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