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How to Wear Green: One of the Colors of this Winter

Updated: Mar 13

From Ultramarine green to bright acid green this is definitely one of colors of this winter, maybe because of my personal aversion for wearing this color or because it had been a while since we had seen such a strong presence of it on the catwalk I am going to leave my ways behind and give it a chance; or at least understand how to wear it.

Ultramarine green is a deep, vibrant tone of a blue glazed green, the color reminds me or royal purple as it exudes elegance and self-confidence while at the same time remaining edgy and avantguard. it has a warm undertone perfect for brightening up those short winter days, and our outfits. Because of this it is a very versatile color from refined evening dresses to every day wear such trousers, jackets and even the rubber lining on some Bottega Veneta boots we will see plenty of this shade.

I would pair this shade with blue, pink -both trendy colors this season- purple, for that ultra royal vibe, or a small flower print. These colors combinations will result very sophisticated and seemingly warm, while we anticipate a sunny spring. For more inspiration, specially if you like prints i would look at Gucci as they have used this color in the past both in prints and obviously in their iconic stripe.

Find the runway looks: Ulla Johnson, Altuzarra, Carolina Herrera, Hermes, Emilia Wickstead, Louis Vuitton, Gucci.

Next we have a shade that we have seen more of in the past thanks to Balmain and its army; military green. This is a more common shade of green that turns brown with a hint of yellow; a dark shade of yellowish-green, that resembles green olives.

It is a strong decisive shade perfect for those who love sporty chic fashion; this it is perfect to ground an outfit that would otherwise be too dramatic. You can wear military green alone or paired with most of the trendy winter colors. In the fall-winter 2020/2021 collections we see this shade of green particularly combined with deep oranges and chocolate brown, I love this color combination as they bring out the warmth in each other while keeping the looks casual.

Find the runway looks:Tom Ford, Ulla Johnson, JW Anderson, Balmain, Brandon Maxwell, Fendi, Longchamp.

Pear green is the next shade up and I must say I am all here for it, I love wearing lighter colors in winter as they make me feel more uplifted and this is right up my alley. This shade is a very desaturated shade of yellow, reminiscent of the color of the pear, and is right in-between military green and our last shade, acid green.

It is perfect for illuminating our winter looks and days while keeping a very bald character, you will not go unnoticed wearing it. On the runway we mostly see it paired with other shades of green but I would suggest going all out and matching it with some baby pink or peachy orange so to accentuate it as well as creating a very trendy, colorfully show stopping outfit for this cold winter were wi will barely be able to leave our houses; so why not make the most of it when we do?

Find the runway looks: Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Brandon Maxwell, Christian Siriano, Cushnie.

Finally our last shade green for this season is acid green, having done neon orange and pink the last few winters the time for acid green is now upon us. It is definetly one of the most -if not the most- eccentric and lively colors of the autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection. It is a bold and pungent yellow-green shade that will never go unnoticed.

On the runway we see the juxtaposition between this very bold color and very feminine, flowing dresses, as well as incorporated in some more classical winter pieces such as knitwear. I would either fully commit to this color creating a unique, bold look that attracts attention at first glance, or pair it with black and use it as an accent color. Regardless whowever you wear this shade with you will be turning heads as you walk.

Find the runway looks: Anteprima, Miu Miu, Erdem, Gucci, Marine Serre.

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