• Carla Casati Rollieri

5 Steps to Finding Your Style

1. Start with the closet

It might seem trivial but the first step in finding your own personal style is to analyze what is already in the wardrobe: which items do you like best and which ones you would like to eliminate? By answering this question, you will already have a rough idea of ​​how you would like your look to be.

Take it a step further and identify the pieces that make you feel the happiest when you wear them and then ask yourself why? Is it because it's comfortable? Because of how it flows when you walk? or maybe because you have a sentimental attachment to it. Lay these feel-good items out in front of you and try to find similarities within them. Maybe there is a predominant color or cut, keep an eye out also for the materials and detailing of each garment. Finally, start to look for a theme, this will help you later to find inspiration, is it edgy, sophisticated, modern, elegant, or maybe playful.

Tip: If this first step seems hard or is not helping you look at your pajamas! It might sound silly but it will take off the added social pressure of meeting the expectations of the people around us. By understanding why we wear the pj’s that we do and what we like about them can help us better understand what makes us feel happy and comfortable.

2. Identify the shape of your body

Knowing the shape of your body is essential in finding out what garments suit you best, as each body type will be best accentuated by specific garments and styling tricks. It is important to understand what theoretically works best for us so that we have a solid place to start but, you should never feel limited to wear only certain clothes. Part of the fun is creating a whole new silhouette and playing with the clothes that make us happy. Take your time in front of the mirror and, and with a keen eye look for silhouettes that you like; maybe even try on a few items that weren't your favorite and see if a chunky belt or a different pair of trousers will do the trick.

3. Find the shades that suit you the most

finding your own color palette is such an implant step as it expresses so much of who we are, each of us has a color that is very close to our heart, and you should be able to wear it!! Just maybe in a different way than what we had imagined.

Now forget about your clothes for a second, and ask yourself do I look best with gold jewelry or with silver? If the answer is gold your skin has a warm undertone to it, if it is silver you have a cold undertone to your skin, and if the answer is both then your skin is pretty much neutral.

What does this mean for your clothes? The answer is simple you should go for colors that have the same undertone as your skin! What this means is that you can wear any color you like, and makes you happy you just have to find a shade that matches your skin. For example, purple, if you look good in silver you are going to want to look for a purple with a grey, silver, or blue undertone if the answer was gold look for a purple with a red, orange, or gold undertone. Always remember that these are guidelines to help you navigate the first steps of your style transformation; ultimately you should always do what makes you feel best! Stand in front of a mirror and look for what you like the most. Remember to try your outfit on with different lights so you don't get any unwanted surprises, and when uncertain take pictures so that you can look at them over and over again and see how you feel.

4. Find Inspiration

Explore the worlds that you already like and see how the people dress in them, look at musicians, artists, historical movements, sports, and even professions that in a different life you would have liked (in my case fishermen, I just love the shape of the pants and tall boot combo with a nice sun-faded hat) find inspiration in the things that you already feel are part of you. This will help you navigate an intrinsic journey of discovery where you will appropriating yourself of the details that stand out to you the most of each of these worlds. Doing this step will help you create a unique look that truly represents you and will lead you to find pieces and accessories that make you feel happy and grounded when you wear them.

It can also be very helpful to find people, whether it's celebrities, fictional characters an influencer, or even somebody in your life whose style you really like, as well as somebody who resembles your physical appearance so you can ‘steal’ their tricks to achieve a specific silhouette or style.

Tip: Create a photo collection with the looks and details you like most - you can create it virtually using Pinterest or Instagram, or in paper format by cutting out images from magazines - and use it as a source of inspiration for your personal style and your next purchases.

5. Create uniforms

Once you have identified what works for you and makes you feel the happiest and most like yourself it's time to create some outfits. There nothing better than not having to struggle each morning with what we are going to wear; never have this problem again by creating different uniforms. The idea is to find clothing items that when put together create a silhouette that you like so that in the morning you just have decide on one item that you want to wear and the rest will just follow. This will ensure that you are always happy with your outfit and that you will spend minimal time on it each day. These uniforms are not set in stone, I actually would recommend to pair each item with different options, so that you can choose what feels most like you that day, with the confidence of knowng it will make yoou look and feel great.

Remember to consider your lifestyle when creating these looks, you must consider your daily routine. Draw up a schedule with the activities you usually carry out and create a series of looks in line with your taste and suitable for different occasions of use.

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