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5 Overlooked Style Tips

Updated: Mar 13

1. Quality over quantity

Remember that achieving that perfect wardrobe will not -and should not- happen over night. Start with your basics and if you have the possibility invest in high quality garments; a pair of well-cut and quality black trousers, a cashmere sweater, a tailored shirt are passepartout able to instantly elevate your entire wardrobe. Paying attention to the material and quality of the items you get will add a new dimension and sophistication to the entire outfit. Buy a few pieces -or even one- at a time that you really love and with time you will curate a wardrobe that transcends seasonal trend, and is made out of items that feel like you and will last you a lifetime.

2. Don't forget your accessories

Sometimes we forget to include them when we are thinking of our outfits but they should never be neglected or, worse, forgotten. Accessories have the ability to transform even the most anonymous clothing into a refined and new style, they help us express fantasy, color, personality and are what tie all of your outfit together, creating a look that tells a story. As for everything else in our closet we must find accesories that represent us and that we feel comfortable using; personally I love broaches because I find them both very beautiful and useful to keep those big winter scarfs in place. Find what accessories you are drawn too and see how you can incorporate them to elevate your outfit.

3. Don’t forget your hair

Sometimes we try on an outfit with all of its accessories and details well though out and even though we like it there is just something off about the whole thing; maybe its just one of those days where we don't like anything, but maybe the problem is actually our hair. without having to go to drastic measures such as chopping it all of, a little hair styling might just be what we need to complete out outfit. Try a few hairdos and see how they change the appearance of your neck and shoulders; for example I like to have my hair up when I wear a turtleneck or when I wear a top thats off the shoulders so that there are no distractions and the clothes are at the center of attention. If you are feeling more adventurous you might even try coloring your hair with semi permanent dies or chalks to add a bit of non-committed spunk. In the end whats important is that you have fun with it, and that you don't forget that your hair does affect how your outfit will look in the end.

4. Don’t be afraid to alter clothes

Clothes -specially the ones that are mass produced- will not always fit you perfectly and that is all right. If you have a garment you love but the size isn't perfect, take the garment to a tailor to have it fixed. They shouldn't ask you much for the changes, but it will be worth it because you will feel comfortable wearing clothes that fit you perfectly. Always remember that the clothes have to fit you, not the other way around.

This rule also applies to all of those DIY clothing projects that you have saved on Pinterest, take some clothes that you don't use anymore and go for it! the worst that can happen is that -just like before- you wont use them. There is a possibility that you will create something unique in the whole world and that is a true exertion of your self and your creative ability. Have fun with your clothes and never forget that they are there for you, to make you feel beautiful and to highlight the things you like the most about yourself, if all that they need is a little tailoring then its worth it rather than having a pair of pants that are tight in all the wrong places.

5. Wear underwear that makes you happy

Even the underwear wants its part, and it plays a fundamental role in making us feel more beautiful, confident and sexy. Wether you want to hop on the trend of lingerie revenge and have it showing as part of your outfit or you are a laser-cut-super-comfy kind of girl embrace it and get yourself some underwear that makes you happy and keeps you comfortable. there are so many things that you wont be able to control throughout your day but a matching set of undies will make you start the day with a sense of empowerment before you even put on your clothes. Remember you should look your sexiest for yourself always, so why not start the day with some nice eye candy to help you remember your power.

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